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OEB are working with Wysing Arts Centre near Cambridge to improve the access, usability, and sustainability of the site for staff, artists, and visitors. 


Proposals focus on how to balance the need for adaptable and undetermined spaces with legibility and connection between the different elements, making the most of the character of what already exists.   

We imagine the opening up and adding in to the existing buildings as a form of invented archaeology where the new elements could be understood as remnants of something else - pieces of a larger and mysterious building caught amidst the rough and tumble of the old dairy farm.


Functionally, a new reception links and provides clear orientation and direct entrances to three of the buildings, freeing them up for production and exhibition space.  


Activities within the stable block are flipped to open it up more substantially to the central courtyard, with clearly defined entrances to the public spaces.  Re-landscaping of the central the courtyard offers a place of gathering with improved usability for all staff and visitors.

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entrance visual white.jpg
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