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Lynwood Therapy Pool- Sample-23.jpg


A building for a mini training and therapy pool in Devon.   


From a garden-level entrance and changing area, steps lead up to the pool edge landing.  Windows sit at pool top level with views out across the garden from within the water.   A large arched window sits over the end of the pool, reflecting as a full circle in the surface.   

Like a garden grotto the exterior takes the form of a roughened version of the main house to which it relates.   Rustication is made with a relief in varied depth insulation board and combed render, with the reflected semi-circular motif repeated in the pattern of the relief.

The building is timber framed, built off a thin composite deck slab cantilevered off screw piles - a ‘no dig’ approach that avoids damage to surrounding tree roots, and while minimising use of concrete, is strong enough to carry the weight of the water.


Structural Engineering by Structurehaus

Building Services by Hive Design

Photography by Nick Dearden

Shortlisted for the AJ Small Projects Award 2022

Lynwood Therapy Pool- Sample-14.jpg
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Lynwood Therapy Pool- Sample-4.jpg
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