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An office for a creative agency in Shoreditch.


A family of new furniture elements accommodates the different activities of the How Now team, and expresses the sensibility of the company.   


The distinctive shapes and colours that recur in these new elements help to unify the character of creative and production teams, grouped respectively on basement and ground floors.  


A new steel staircase inserted into an existing light well provides an actual direct connection between them. 


Round-ended rectangles appear in various scales and materials: bespoke desks and tables, the balustrade of the stair, and in the large curved shelving element with integrated seating.


The shelving changes an otherwise awkward and left-over corner of the office into a multi-purpose library and display space.  The bench encourages informal conversation, and can also act as seating for larger all-hands meetings.



Anodised aluminium glazed partitions have been installed to enclose a meeting room and the two director’s offices.  These frames are purposely distinct from the existing mix of timber sash and steel glazing.  They stretch loosely to the complexities of the building volume they sit within, creating an intriguing layering of screens and spaces.

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