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The comprehensive reconfiguration and refurbishment of a three-storey house in Whitechapel, poorly built in the early 2000s.


The room layout and stair were redesigned to make better use of the space on all floors, including the addition of a bedroom, and opening up the living space contained on the entrance level at upper ground floor.


A simple kitchen faces out onto a raised terrace, where a brick parapet wall has been replaced with metal railings and stair that leads downs to the lower ground floor patio, extending the view from the kitchen, widening the terrace, and further increasing the presence of daylight into the living areas.


New rooflights and the open construction of the stair let daylight fall through the full height of the house, giving a sense of vertical connection previously missing from the dark and low-ceilinged interiors.  This is further underlined by the expressed electrical conduit on the wall which follows the slope of the stair up and down.


The balustrade is layered up out of simple timber elements, a more refined application of the basic timber framing of the building now exposed in the living area soffit.

More photos coming soon...

Structural Engineering by Atlam

Built by Ber Ltd

Stair & Entrance Screen by Calculated Manufacturing


015_EX_axo diagram.png


015_PR_axo diagram.png
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