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Reconfiguration and refurbishment of a two-storey office space for a tech company, to provide a ‘client experience centre’, and improve the quality of the office space for their team.  

Uses for the ground and lower ground floors were differentiated and clarified, and the layout was adjusted to sit more sympathetically in relation to the existing structure.  Spaces that accommodate different degrees of privacy and types of working were accommodated to form an intelligent open plan workspace.

A new lighting scheme by SEAM lends clarity and simplicity to the cluttered existing soffits.

Recognising the client's business using tech for real-world applications primarily in healthcare, new elements are expressed as both block-like and screen-like.  They are built from ply, exposed where encountered close up, with a muted RGB colour scheme applied selectively to articulate their overall volume.

Built by Interior Motives

Photography © Whitaker Studio

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